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Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome To Swap Swap Gals

Hello ladies welcome I thought this would be wonderful for those that just love swaps. So read how you can join and please read the rules. Thanks ladies.:)

How To Join Swap Swap Gals

Email me (Lesa) at (Please title your email as SWAP SWAP GALS)

With your name, name you go by on your blog, mail address, email address that you will use for the swaps, and your blog/ url, you have to have a blog in order to join. Sorry that is the rule.

Also you have to be a regular blogger what I mean by that meaning at least blog a couple times a month. You don't have to have a blog on blogspot to join you can have any blog to join.

Tell me a bit about yourself your hobbies and things like that.

Questions you will need to answer need to be put on your blog w is below send to me the link to your blog with your wish list. I will check out your blog to see if you followed the directions. Please make sure you email me the link to your post with your answers.

Wish List: Swap Swap Gals

Favorite Colors?
Favorite Animal?
All Dislikes?
Favorite Candies?
Favorite Smell Goods?
Other things you may like or may not like?

When you is accepted I will send you a invite to join and list you on Swap Swap Gals blog. I will post a link back to your blog with your wishlist and blog to the side bar.

Swap Swap Gals RULES:

Swap Swap Gals, swaps will be listed by themes every month. I will list them at the top of the blog. We will take votes on the 20th every month on what the swap should be for the next month. Always try to check back to see what the voting is for the following month.
I will list a new swap theme on the blog on the 1st of every month. When you see the list for that month theme you will respond in the comment saying you is in for that swap for that month. Everyone have until the 5th to sign up for the swap for that month on the 6th I will list who everyone is partner up with. Then you will check out your swap partners wish list and contact your partner if you need information from her. I have everyones address so if you need that information please contact me by email only.

You must send your package way before the end of the month before the next swap is listed.

You can email your swap partner letting her know you sent off her package or you can post it on our blog.

When you receive your swap gift you should post a picture of your things saying you received your swap gift for that month and who was your swap partner.

When you sign up for a swap for that month you must send your gift please do so other words you will not be able to sign up for the next swap until the following month. But, you still is hold reliable for sending that gift to your swap partner.

If you sign up and don't sent a package more then 2 times you will no later be able to be on Swap Swap Gals blog and you will be banned.

These rules are for all swappers so be sure to read the rules and obey the rules. This is for fun girls have fun with it.

Everyone have life problems so if you signed up for a swap and wont be able to send it as you plan please contact your swap partner and host that's me Lesa saying why and when you is able to send it.

Ok see those are simply rules so please if you like to join please jump right in.:)