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July theme is "Christmas In July"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Got my swap!!!

I am a Swap Swap Gal
And I got my package!! Christina you are so kind! Here's pics of what I got, sorry they're so awful (cell phone camera).

The first pic is a gorgeous shawl with hearts in it, and a scarf of hearts. Also in the package was the CYOOTEST ami fairy, a pose-able heart-covered guy I've named Gus, a little beating heart (has a string to pull and vibrates), a cookie, a heart shaped box that I'm going to decorate soon, a cute bucket tin, and some candles.

I also sent out my package today so hopefully it will arrive at its new home soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The winner for our January "Kitchen" swap for the best sent gift. Is drum roll please. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Congrats Ashley

Ok time to vote for our March theme. I will give a couple of themes and you all will love on which you would like the one with the most votes will be our March theme. Voting will last until March 1st when I list the category for those that like to do that swap.

1) Living Room (All made or brought for the living room)
2) My Hobby (All about your swap partners hobbies)
3) Favorite Colors (Swap partner favorite colors)
4) Tasty Goodies (Tasty treats made or brought, is ok also)
5) Smell Good Goodies (All those smell good, like perfume, candies, body spray and so on)

So everyone case your vote on which one you like. :) everyone is welcomed to vote.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vote For Best Sent Swap Package January "Kitchen"

I am a Swap Swap Gal

Ok time to vote for best sent package that means you vote of the package you think was the best. The person that sent the package will be the contestant for the best sent package. You only can vote once. Everyone is welcome to vote.

Here goes.

Caroline sent this to Aurora CLICK HERE

Aurora sent this to Caroline CLICK HERE

Christina sent this to Sabrina CLICK HERE

Sabrina sent this to Christina CLICK HERE

Ashley sent this to Lesa CLICK HERE (NOTE) Roll Down To The Last 2 Pictures of the Post

Lesa sent this to Ashley CLICK HERE

There you have it vote for the one you like the best. I will name the winner on Wednesday also on Wednesday the voting theme for March will be up and running so everyone vote even if you not going to be in the swap for March you still is welcomed to vote.:)

Questions Ladies

I am a Swap Swap Gal, How is my Swap Swap Gals?

Just a quick post wanted to see how all you ladies is doing? How was everyone V-Day anything exciting happened? You get some yummy gifts?

For those that signed up for the "All About Heart" swap how is you all packages coming along.

Ladies have any questions please do ask way. Remember post a new topic saying to the person you is sending a gift for that you sent there gift. Need address you can talk to your partner or you can email me. Thanks a bunch ladies.:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Swap Partner Up "All About Hearts"

"All About Hearts" Sign up has closed and here is the swap partner circle. Same rules as our first swap.

So if you need your swap partner information you can contact her or you can contact me by email with the subject title that says Swap Swap Gals.

Ok here goes:

Laurah send to Katrina, Katrina send to Lesa, Lesa send to Christina, Christina send to Zarah, Zarah send to Laurah.

There you have it all set for our Feb theme.:) everyone enjoy your All About Hearts swap theme so getting swapping:)

Our voting for March theme will be up on Feb 20th.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I got my swap!

I am a Swap Swap Gal. I received my swap today! *happy dance!*

Sabrina sent me a really cute angel dishcloth and an awesome plastic bag holder! That is seriously the neatest kitchen thing ever! I love them!

Thanks Sabrina! This totally made my day!

February Swap "All About Hearts"

We are now at another month so it's time to start our February swap.

So there was a vote for this swap and drum roll please...................

The swap theme for this month is "All About Hearts"

That means everything hearts. Either made, brought or both your choice.

So if you know you can do this swap then sign up for it. If you know can't do the swap this month please don't sign up.

I will give everyone until the 5th to sign up.

On the 6th everyone will be chain up for who to send and receive swaps for this month. Remember this swap is different for our last swap. You wont receive a gift from the person you is sending a gift to.

So there we go time to sign up so who is all in. :) remember the rules to Swap Swap Gals please follow the rules.

If you is in please leave a comment saying you is in for our February swap.

Everyone have a great weekend.

All January swaps should be mailed off or received by now.:) if you haven't yet to mail off your January swap please do so now contact your swap partner letting her know what is going on. All swaps for January should have been shipped. When I know all packages have been received voting will then take place for best package sent so please everyone take pictures of your swap gifts. Thanks ladies.

Enjoy swapping.