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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vote For May Theme Swap

Time to start voting for May swaps.

1) Favorite color
2) My living room needs help
3) Hobbies is my life
4) Anything goes this time around

So what is everyone's vote

Also a heads up doing our May swaps as a secret swap that means you wont know who is sending to you until you receive your gifts. That means I wont list who everyone is sending to I will email to you who you will be sending your swap package to. I will be the only one to know the list. So on the first everyone gets to start signing up and then on the 6th everyone will get a email saying who your swap partner is. Remember keep it a secret don't let that person know.:)

So who is in on our May secret swap but, first we need a theme. Vote Vote Vote:)


Katrina said...

I won't be able to participate in May. I'll be moving and making gifts for my dughter's Pre-K class. I would however, vote for 'Anything goes this time around'.

Zarah said...

Favorite color!

Anonymous said...

what zara said! Fav color!

Christina said...

I won't be able to participate in May either, but my vote goes for fav colors too!

CraftyAshley said...

Don't know for sure if I can next month or not. But fav colors sounds good to me.

Aurora said...

I will try to sign up in May so I am voting for favorite color.

Bennance said...

Since April is my the first swap I'm doing, I'm thinking of participating every-other month. I probably won't participate in May. But fav color is a fun way to go!