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July theme is "Christmas In July"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

July Sign Up Swap

For our July swap it will be called. "Christmas In July"

So how this works is that for those that like to sign up leave a comment saying you is in for this swap. But, you also have to email me at with your wish list.

Your wish list most only contain 10 items. That doesn't mean that your swap partner have to get all of your items but, it most only contain 10 items.

Also the rules to making this wish list is that it most be MADE items only sewn, crochet or knit. Mainly all the hobbies that our ladies in our swap can do.

But, the rule can be brokem a little it can be recycle, or things you don't want that can also be used as a swap. But, NOT BROUGHT by YOU.

So if you have some yarn or fabric that was given to you that you would like to give then that is likely can be used as a gift. You have a book or pattern that your swap partner has on her wish list that you didn't buy then that can be also used.

But, as you is doing your wish list think realistic to the time length that everyone is given to do these swaps.

So that is the rules.

Make your 10 item wish list and email it to me title your email Swap Swap Gals. So I know that it's not spam.

Everyone have until the 6th to sign up. On the 6th I will list everyones wish list and include who everyone will be assigned to for our Christmas in July swap.

Everyone that signed up for our Secret Swap for June all swaps must be mail off by Tuesday the 1st. Whenever get there swaps please take the time out and post on Swap Swap Gals pics of your swap gifts.

Thanks this will help me know who got there swap packages.


Christina said...

I'm not going to be able to join this month...busy with Pi's birthday but I hope you all have fun!

Bennance said...

I'm going to have to take this month off, too. We're quite busy this summer. But I do hope to join in on a swap in August or September.