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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Swap Swap Gals (Swap Partners) "Kitchen:

Due to everyone already sign up no need to wait until January the 8th for me to post this so doing it now.

Caroline - Aurora
Renee - Zarah
Christina - Sabrina
Ashley - Lesa

Ok there you have it. On our side bar to the right you can check out your partners wish list to get a little background about them if you have questions you can respond by leaving a message here in our by clicking comment or you can contact your partner though there blog or you can email me and I will give you your partners email address. Remeber you theme is "Kitchen" brought, made or both your choice.:)

Ever month I will try to not match everyone with the same partners so bare with me.

Ok there you have it lets getting swapping. When you receive your swap from your partner please come here and post a new top with pics if you like saying you have your swap.:)Everyone take care and lets get swapping:)

I am a Swap Swap Gal


Caroline said...

WooHoo! I'm swapping with a fellow Kansan: Aurora!

Lesalicious said...

:) I am so excited about this swap I find myself more excited about buying and make for someone else then I do for myself lol crazy huh :)

Caroline said...

Me too! I've been scheming all week!

Christina said...

Same here. I keep seeing things I want to do!

Zarah said...

:( Lesa I emailed you the other day but since I haven't heard back I thought I'd try this instead. The links to Renee's blog don't seem to be working - do you have her email address? If you have any info you can contact me at

Caroline said...

There's a swap in the mail.......