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Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome/Update Swaps/Guidelines

Welcome our newest Swap Swap Gal - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Welcome Katrina glad we can have you aboard.

Ok want to do a quick update for this month. Our first month swap is going smooth hoping next month will be great also.

I have changed a bit of little guidelines.

1) I will list a new voting for theme on the 20th of every month so please try to get your votes in before the 1st
2) I still will list the new theme swap on the 1st
3) I will give everyone until the 5th to leave a comment saying they is in on that swap. (EDIT THIS) Thanks Zarah: Ok we will do chain swapping instead of partner swapping. How this work is that you wont get a gift from the person you sending a gift to. Example Ashley send to Dawn, Dawn send to Zarah, Zarah send to Sabrina and the last one listed will send to Ashley. Etc.:) Hope everyone is ok with that still I will try to not have you all sending or receieving from the same person over and over so bare with me.
4) I will list everyones swap partner/chained up on the 6th
5) When you send off your partners gift leave a new post saying who you are and who your partner is and that they swap gift is on it's way
6) I still ask that everyone take pics of your swap gifts and post it to Swap Swap Gals blog saying who you receive it from this is to help me know if everyone receieve there gifts
7) I ask that if you know you can't do that swap for that month then don't sign up. I only give everyone 2 warns that means if you sign up one time and don't send a gift then sign up again and do the same you wont no longer be able to be a swap swap gal
8) I still go for this rule you need a blog so if your blog was moved please let me know so I can link it to swap swap gals blog no blog no swapping
9) Try go get your gifts off by the end of the month if it is going to be sent the following month please let your partner know it's still coming, On your package try to include (SSG or Swap Swap Gals) it's to help your swap partner know what swap it is incase they are in more then one swap.
10)I want to start doing the best gifts votes so after everyone received there gifts I will list a voting poll for best gifts sent and everyone get to vote on the best gifts sent I then will list the winner to the best gift sent 5 days after the voting start

Ok there you have it a quick update. I will have a link to this posted at the top of our blog. On our side bars I will list all of those that receieved there gifts for that month. I will also list the swap partners set up for that month.

Thanks ladies:)

Voting Still Going On So Don't Forget To Vote If You Haven't


Christina said...

Welcome Katrina!!

Zarah said...

I'd hate to see anyone left out. Rather than having "partners" and being paired up, couldn't it be a little random? For instance, instead of having partners like Ashley/Caroline, Christina/Lesa, couldn't you draw names and have Ashley send to Caroline, Caroline send to Katrina, Katrina send to Dawn, etc? That way having an odd number of people wouldn't matter. This is how we do our Friends Christmas gift exchange and it usually works out pretty well. Just a thought :)

Katrina said...

Thanks for welcoming me!!! I am ready to swap away.

Lesalicious said...

I thought about it like that also Zarah I wont let anyone be left out if there is a odd number of people signing up for that month I will step down for that month to make it even. Or chain it up in that order. I may just possible do it in a chain lets see how Feb swap goes and we can go from there. Thanks Zarah:)

Caroline said...

Welcome Katrina!

Caroline said...

Love the button! works like a dream!!!

Lesalicious said...

Glad you like it Caroline you can link back and forth without even losing your own blog.:)