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Friday, February 1, 2008

February Swap "All About Hearts"

We are now at another month so it's time to start our February swap.

So there was a vote for this swap and drum roll please...................

The swap theme for this month is "All About Hearts"

That means everything hearts. Either made, brought or both your choice.

So if you know you can do this swap then sign up for it. If you know can't do the swap this month please don't sign up.

I will give everyone until the 5th to sign up.

On the 6th everyone will be chain up for who to send and receive swaps for this month. Remember this swap is different for our last swap. You wont receive a gift from the person you is sending a gift to.

So there we go time to sign up so who is all in. :) remember the rules to Swap Swap Gals please follow the rules.

If you is in please leave a comment saying you is in for our February swap.

Everyone have a great weekend.

All January swaps should be mailed off or received by now.:) if you haven't yet to mail off your January swap please do so now contact your swap partner letting her know what is going on. All swaps for January should have been shipped. When I know all packages have been received voting will then take place for best package sent so please everyone take pictures of your swap gifts. Thanks ladies.

Enjoy swapping.


Katrina said...

Hi Lesa! I'm in for the February swap. Thanks again for the welcome. I'm so excited as well. All you gals knit so I bought me some books, yarn and needles today and I hope to start soon. I'll update my sucess or failure ;-) on my blog.

Lesalicious said...

There a more of us that crochet then knit but, go for it you never know you just may love it. Glad you is in for the Feb swap.:)

Laurah said...

I'm in for this month. The "All About Hearts" theme sounds like fun!

Christina said...

I'm in too! This theme is going to be a blast!

Katrina said...

Hi Lesa! You know I noticed that you all crochet too but for the life of me I still can't figure out the difference between the two other than the tools used (knitting needle/ crochet 'hook')!!!! I think I've been digging the cable knit look so that's why I chose that. My Mom showed me the basic of crochet years ago so I might pick that up too. I'm just so excited to be learning something new.... or at least trying to.

Zarah said...

I'm in for the February swap