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July theme is "Christmas In July"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sign Up for June Secret Swap

Now it's June time for our new swap. Since we didn't have one for May we will take what won the votes for May theme and that was Favorite Colors

So that will be our June swap "Favorite Colors"

Remember this will be a secret swap this month. I will send everyone a email saying who is your secret swap partner and you have to keep it to yourself can't be telling no one or posting it in your blog never know they just may hop in your blog lol.

They wont know who there swap partner is until they get there package in the mail.

So everyone have until June 6th to sign up.

I will be the only one that will know who is to send to who so you can't email your swap partner and ask questions or get there address. Email me to get there address. Check out there blog to get a little background about them.

So that's it so who is in for our June Secret Swap "Favorite Colors"

Also time for our votes on the "Purse" theme swap for April.

Ashley sent to Katrina
Katrina sent to Bennance
Bennance sent to Caroline
Caroline sent to Christina
Christina sent to Lesa
Lesa sent to Laura
Laura sent to Ashley

Pick the one that you think sent the best swap package for April our "Purse" theme.

On the 6th the winner will be named.:)


Christina said...

I'll swap this month! For April, I'd like to vote for Caroline. I know I'm biased, but the bag was great!

Aurora said...

I am tied between Caroline and Lesa...caroline because I love pink and the purse is so pretty. Lesa because I am huge dragonfly lover!! Did I mention I really really really liked..........NO...........loved that purse??

I think all the purses were amazingly done, and I am so jealous.

ugh make me vote??? Lesa..........ok ok ok......i'm voting choice is...................LESA AND CAROLINE.......Sorry I can't decide between those two.

Laurah said...

I vote for Lesa. She did an amazing job with all the sewing and I can't help but be impressed!

Katrina said...

Okay, I'm in for the June swap. I've been debating it with the baby coming and all but I'm sure I can get it done. I really must learn how to crochet so I can do what you ladies do!!! Anyway, my vote is for Caroline.