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Monday, March 3, 2008

I got my Swap from Laurah

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Laurah....... Such a pleasant surprise when my doorbell rang and I received your package. So much stuff!!! I was pulling everything out and ooohing and ahhhing and pulling out more stuff. Then I went back and picked everything up again and found other goodies...... ribbon inside of the purse, crochet heart (I'm guessing it can be used for a bookmark) inside the coin purse.

Everything was so thoughtful. I know the hat was for my baby due but my 15 month old was sitting next to me so I tried it on him really quick. He was grinning ear to ear... I think because I was smiling and saying cute over and over. I really love it!! The magazine has organizing tips and recipes... right up my alley!!! Cute, cute ribbon and elephant. A book I'll read to the kids... I was just thinking the other day that I was going to start reading longer books to them where we could pick up each day and continue to read a little at a time. My daughter loves guessing what happens next and waiting to hear the next day.
And I really appreciate the beads for my daugther. She loves arts and crafts just as much as I do. (Even though she used to say arts and craps!!!! LOL) She wasn't home when I opened it but she found it immediately when she got home and was trying to claim everything! I gave her the beads and she was delighted. I tried to explain to her where it came from and she said, 'She's so nice because she gave us stuff.' I don't have a picture of it because she already has them in her room!


Lesalicious said...

Love everything. Loving that purse. :)

Laura said...

Everything looks great! The purse is beautiful! Your daughter sounds like my 3 year old niece - her dad has a truck, but she mispronouces it as a "f---", so my brothers will ask her "What does daddy drive?" to get her to say it because they think it's hilarious - poor kid, LOL!

CraftyAshley said...

What a great package. Congrats and great job Laurah!