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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something For March

Since there wont be a March swap thought that I would see who want to do this.

A email or ecard to a swap partner once or twice a week to cheer them up.

So who would like to be in if you is in leave a comment saying you is in and on Tuesday March 11, 2008 I will then post who everyone will send a email or ecard to for the whole month of March.

This will work as a chain again so who ever is sending you a email or ecard wont be the same person you is sending back to but, make sure you respond with a thanks or something. I will email everyone that signs up giving you your swap partners email address on Tuesday.

So everyone have fun.

Thought this would be nice to keep us all involved even if we not swapping. :)

So who is in. Everyone have until Tuesday to sign up.:)


Christina said...

I like this idea! I'm in.

Aurora said...

me too..sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Can I play?