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Friday, March 7, 2008

I got my swap from Lesa!!

I am a Swap Swap Gal and my package arrived!

For the swap Lesa sent me, a wall pillow, a really cool letter C, a bear with a heart, 2 heart soaps, 2 heart cookie cutters, a heart tin with lotion (it smells great!), a heart bucket with chocolate heart candy (Yum!), pretty ribbon and tulle, and a really nice card.

Thanks so much Lesa! It really perked up my day!

Lesa also sent my Pay It Forward gift! I'm probably not required to post it here since its not the swap, but its so pretty, I needed to show you guys.

Check it out, she made me one of her purses! Its gorgeous and super roomy! I love it! I'm going to use it tomorrow! Thanks so much Lesa...I really feel very spoiled!


Lesalicious said...

Glad you got your swap and your PIF, so glad you love it. I wanted totally to do more crocheting for this swap but, due to me being sick and all I didn't get to do the things I plan but, glad you love everything.:) Have fun with the purse because my mom was going to take it lol she loved that purse way to much. I said that is going to my blogger friend. :)