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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vote For April Theme/Pick the Winner For Feb Swaps

Ok if most people read my blog the entry that is called OMG :( you will then understand why I am late posting this so here goes.

Time to start picking our theme for April so here goes a couple that everyone can pick from remember the one with the most tally will be the theme for April also remember you can pick a theme that doesn't mean you have to do the swap just because you picked a theme but, here goes.

1) Hobbies - All about your swap partner's hobbies. Made or brought
2) Favorite Colors - Well favorite colors. Made or brought
3) Purse swap - Purses of all sizes shapes. Would like this one to be hobby made not brought
4) Woman To Woman swap - Us ladies should know what this means send things you know woman like yourself will enjoy. Either made or brought

That's it only 4 to pick from this time. So pick pick pick.

Also we have a quick voting going on will list the winner on April 1st when I list the theme for the April.

This is from our March "All About Hearts Swap"
So everyone pick the best gift sent.

Christina sent this to Zarah

Zarah sent this to Laurah

Laurah sent this to Katrina

Katrina sent this to Lesa

Lesa sent this to Christina

Just click on the first name links it will take you to the pictures of the swap. You pick which you liked better and I will tally it up. Everyone is welcomed to vote. Thanks.


Zarah said...

Well I'll start. Not that I'm biased or anything but I think that the package Christina sent me was the best :)

Also I vote for Hobbies for April.

Laurah said...

I vote for Christina.

And I also vote for purses!

CraftyAshley said...

I vote for Laurah and I also vote for purses!

Christina said...

I vote for Katrina and I also vote for purses!

Katrina said...

I vote for Laurah! I know I may be bias but I got so much stuff... all very thoughtful heart themed and wish list items as well.

My vote is for purses....